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Three Pages Winners!

Congratulations to 3pages winners Brent Hartinger for Dead Enders and Rick Gershman for Rick Goes to the Doctor.

The competition was fierce, the decisions were difficult, the bloodshed will be remembered for decades — okay maybe not by you, but we have the scars to prove it, and all of our decisions are final.

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition and made those decisions so difficult.

And –

Big congratulations to the winners Brent and Rick.  Yay yay yay!

3Pages winners win a 2012 class from AFW:  2012 class schedule.

6 Hours Till The 3Pages Deadline Closes

The 3Pages comedy scene writing competition is entering it’s final hours before closing. 

3Pages is comedy scene writing competition for screenwriters.  Anyone may enter but I’m figuring Shane Black and Frank Darabont should maybe give new kids a shot.  The prize is a $375.00 online screenwriting class from the Academy of Film Writing.  The deadline is midnight tonight, Pacific Standard Time.

For more info, click the link above.

3Pages, A Comedy Screenwriting Competition

3PAGES is a comedy scene
writing competition
for screenwriters. 

Anyone may enter.
The prize is an AFW class.

Interested?  Click the above link and read on —

Academy's 2011 Nicholl Screenwriting Competition Now Underway

Academy’s 2011 Nicholl Screenwriting Competition Now Underway

Beverly Hills, CA (March 7, 2011) - The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is now accepting entries for the 2011 Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting competition.  As many as five $30,000 fellowships will be awarded through the program in November.

The Nicholl Fellowships competition is open to any individual who has not earned more than $5,000 from the sale or option of a screenplay or teleplay, or received a fellowship or prize of more than $5,000 that includes a “first look” clause, an option or any other quid pro quo involving the writer’s work.  To enter, writers must submit a completed application online, upload one PDF copy of their original screenplay in English and pay the entry fee before 11:59 p.m. PT on May 2, 2011.  The regular entry fee is US$45; an early-bird entry fee of US$30 is available for those who enter prior to 11:59 p.m. PT on April 1, 2011.

Online applications, rules and other details are available at www.oscars.org/nicholl.

Fellowships are awarded with the understanding that the recipients will each complete a new feature-length screenplay during the fellowship year.  The Academy acquires no rights to the works of Nicholl fellows and does not involve itself commercially in any way with their completed scripts.

Last year’s competition drew 6,304 entries.  Since the program’s inception in 1985, 118 fellowships have been awarded.

[click the above orange link to read the press release]

Interview with Greg Beal: An Inside Look at the Nicholl Fellowships

Interview with Greg Beal: An Inside Look at the Nicholl Fellowships

by Barri Evins

Greg Beal has been the director of the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting since 1989. Those of us privileged to know Greg are well aware of the enormous integrity he brings to every aspect of the contest, from application to awards ceremony, his ceaseless striving to improve the competition experience and the extra effort he puts into personally encouraging writers. I’ve heard from many writers how much it meant to them to receive Greg’s handwritten postscript to their official semi or quarterfinalist letter letting them know how close they came to the next level and encouraging them to keep at it. Greg’s empathy is no accident; he understands what it means to be in your shoes. Once a screenwriter himself, Greg won a WGA East fellowship and went on to write several scripts on assignment.

Greg Beal

Barri Evins: The Nicholl Fellowships is widely considered to be the most prestigious contest out there. Now that it’s celebrating a 25th Anniversary, there’s no doubt it’s the Granddaddy of all contests. What are some of the qualities that make the Nicholl unique?

Greg Beal: Being a program of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is at the heart of things. The filmmaking achievements of the Nicholl Committee members who judge the finalist scripts are extraordinary. So are the achievements of the Academy members who judge in the semifinal round. Hearing Academy Award winner Michael Arndt describe at last year’s Nicholl Awards Dinner how being a Nicholl semifinalist kept him writing for years leading up to his creation of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE reminded us that the program’s reach extends far beyond the group of 126 fellows.

BE: I know some of the extraordinary steps you go to give each and every script submitted the very best shot possible. Can you share some of them with our readers?

GB: While it may seem hard to believe, especially in this era of PDF entries, Nicholl program manager Joan Wai or I “handle” every script in distributing them to readers. As we assemble a small group of scripts for a reader, we’re aware of that reader’s likes and dislikes, especially in terms of genre, and try only to assign scripts that fit their preferences. At the least we’re glancing at every log line, which is why entrants should try to write clear, concise and accurate log lines, and using those and the genre to assign scripts. We also try to make sure that a previously entered script is not judged by any reader who has read the script in another year. We even try not to assign scripts to any reader who has read any script by the writer in a previous year. Over the course of the first round of a competition, every script is read once, just under half of the scripts are read a second time, and about 800 scripts are read a third time.

BE: How do you find your first round judges/readers? What are their backgrounds?

GB: These days, new readers often are recommended by a current reader. Occasionally, a potential reader will cold contact us. Year to year, the turnover is fairly slight, as are the new hires. In fact, in some years we do not add any new readers. More often, we add about a half-dozen new readers in a given year.

Nicholl readers’ backgrounds vary. Many are writers; many are or have been script readers. All of them have worked in some capacity within the industry, and all of them have resided in Southern California. Over the years, the Nicholl reading staff has included writers, directors, producers, agents, executives, actors and development assistants. Several Nicholl fellows have read after winning; one fellow was a reader prior to winning. We even have a former production company president reading for the competition.

BE: What are three strengths that winning scripts share?

GB: Originality; strong, intriguing characters; and a compelling story. If I added a fourth and a fifth, they would be exceptional storytelling and exemplary writing and craft skills —

[click the above orange link to continue reading on moviebytes]

Amazon Studios Announces Winners of First Script Contest | TheWrap.com

One is a commercial director. The other is simply a movie fan from Georgia.

Together they’ve snagged the top honors in newly launched Amazon Studios’ first Best Script contest. The $20,000 awards were handed out on Thursday to “The Alchemist Agenda” by Marty Weiss of Los Angeles and “Villain,” by Richard Stern of Roswell, Georgia.

"I think any of the finalists and the winners would more than hold their own in any script bag going home for the weekend," Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios, told TheWrap.

The winners were chosen from the more than 2,500 scripts uploaded by writers since the November 2010 launch of Amazon Studios —

[click the above link to continue reading]

[btw i think this is a device of the devil comp myself
and do no endorse it, this is just news so i am posting
it despite my dislike of this comp]

Amazon.com Studios Launch

Holy crap, an 18 month automatic option just for uploading material?  Seriously?  What fresh hell is this?

Amazon is muscling into the movie business. And the 15-year-old Seattle-based Web behemoth wants everyone to come along. Under a new first-look deal with Warner Bros., Amazon.com has launched Amazon Studios, a user-generated online development and production outfit built around monthly contests and community feedback. The end result, if all goes as planned, will be feature films derived from the best user submissions that Amazon Studios produces for theatrical release. To feed the studio’s development, filmmakers and writers around the world are invited beginning immediately to upload feature-length films and screenplays to the site, which triggers an 18-month option on the material. Each month starting in January, based on community feedback, two scripts and one test film will be designated the best of the bunch and awarded cash grants — $20,000 for each screenplay and $100,000 for the film. At the end of next year, one screenplay and one film submitted by Dec. 31, 2011, will be chosen as the annual winners. That script will nab a $100,000 prize and the film a $1 million prize.

[click the orange link to continue reading]

best date competition frenzy mounts

Submissions continue to—

Pour in to the Best Date Competition as the September 29th deadline approaches.

What lucky bastard will win a chance to accompany the accomplished Ms. Adams to the Academy’s Nicholl extravaganza?

Will any lucky bastard win a chance to accompany the accomplished Ms. Adams to the Academy’s Nicholl extravaganza?

As the deadline approaches, competition frenzy mounts….

:::best date competition:::
:::the lovely ms adams:::
:::nicholl fellowships in screenwriting:::

where the art work comes from :
that is from john carroll doyle

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and now for a competition of another kind

Ooh la la –

It is a competition of another kind. It is the Plus One Competition. Yay!

This is not my fault. It was Donna’s idea. Really. I was saying on FB that it is tragic I have this plus one to the Nicholl Fellowships Awards Banquet and all my single guy friends have gone and gotten themselves married off so now what do I do? And Donna said, Oh it is obvious essay contest! Yay! And the “WHY I WOULD BE YOUR BEST DATE FOR THE 2010 NICHOLL FELLOWSHIPS IN SCREENWRITING AWARDS AND BANQUET” essay contest was born.


Enter at your own peril.

*note, no entry fee is required this is a not for profit competition

where the art work comes from :
that is from john carroll doyle

(Source: celluloidblonde.wordpress.com)

Screenwriting PSA

This is a spoof put together by JimJimGrande after the Silver Screenwriting/Julie Gray dust up.

There are by the way alternatives to any person [ahem Julie Gray] who has no experience or credentials. There is me. There is Joanne. There is David — who for fuck’s sake wrote THE Screenwriter’s Bible. Why would you hire someone with no creds?

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